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NBASCA, New Brunswick Anti Smart City Alliance, is a provincial body of concerned NB citizens.

NBASCS est un organisme provincial de citoyens du Nouveau-Brunswick soucieux de nos libertés et droits futurs.

NBASCA's objective is to educate and raise awareness regarding the threat to our civil liberties as new bills are being introduced and approved at all levels of government without full transparency and often, behind closed doors and without the public's knowledge or consent.

Join us as we attempt to make our government and elected officials accountable again.

Woke Baby

Communism rebranded?

We were warned that despite the apparent victories in fighting it, the totalitarian agenda never stopped ...continue reading

Woke Baby

What does Woke mean?

The term woke has one purpose, plenty of pretexts, but only one purpose: control. It is designed to divide people ...continue reading


Education: what are the options?

As a new school year begins, parents are looking at the education options for their children ...continue reading


What is SOGI?

In the name of sexuality eduation, children are seeing obscene material that have been ruled by Congress ...continue reading


What are Smart/15 minute Cities?

What is the concept behind a SMART City?? Using our Dig ID, they are being designed to keep the population restricted to their ...continue reading

Biometrics - why we should be concerned

What is Biometrics?

Biometrics, when integrated into a worldwide digital ID system, can raise significant concerns regarding privacy and civil liberties. ...continue reading


What is the Digital ID?

Digital ID is the fourth condition that has been added to the Canadian Health Transfer. This condition states that the Digital ID system ...continue reading

keep cash alive; use it or lose it

Cash or CBDC?

Cash; Use it or lose it. If we want to be able to use cash in the future, we need to keep using cash now. ...continue reading

What are smart meters

What are Smart Meters?

Why are the new SMART meters bad?? Well, not only do they omit UNGODLY amounts of EMFs (which are proven to disrupt sleep ...continue reading

What are smart appliances

What are Smart Appliances?

The short answer is that they are appliances that have been 'enhanced' with technology to perform many functions beyond the function of the appliance ...continue reading


What is Normalization?

A new normal is a state to which an economy, society, etc. settles following a crisis, when this differs from the situation that prevailed ...continue reading

What is Agenda 21?

What is Agenda 21 / 2030?

The United Nations posted a document on their website several decades ago; Agenda 21. It was written with the premise of using the ecological ...continue reading

Save Our Seniors

Save Our Seniors

This petition is being conducted by NBASCA to reform NB Property Taxes for the citizens of NB. It has been prompted by the continual ...continue reading

game strategy

Game theory strategy

What is controlled opposition? "Basically it is controlling both sides of the game, depending on how many opponents there are, ...continue reading



The Oath of Hippocrates was the first attempt by physicians to reject the role of executioner. ...continue reading

cancer slide

Cancer & Immortalized Cells

A cell which continues to reproduce indefinitely is called an Immortalized cell. It is also called cancer ...continue reading



How did an industrial waste product like sodium fluorosilicate from the fertilizer industry get marketed as ...continue reading


Scurvy: a Modern Problem?

Perhaps it is not so surprising, considering the low level of actual nutrition from fast the wide-spread adoption of convenient fast food ...continue reading


Various Treatment Protocols

Silver not only kills bacteria, but it actually killed bacteria that were resistant to all known antibiotics with ...continue reading


The state of healthcare

Did you know that they are looking to combine our public and private healthcare sectors, which is ...continue reading

Advice Column

Dear Heggies

Contribute your questions to our new Dear Heggies Advice Column, where we answer your questions with the truth! ...continue reading


How did we get here?

"How did we get to a place in which we're all supposed to pretend that the only way you know that I'm a woman is if I give you my ...continue reading


Ivermectin and infertility

"Is ivermectin really the newly rediscovered "miracle" anti-viral drug or has the hype around it served to create a global-scale ...continue reading


Where did the flu go?

"The evidence seems to point to two main reasons for the flu’s disappearance: the physical disappearance of flu testing kits and a ...continue reading

drag queen story hour

Drag Queen Story Hour

According to wikipedia (April 2023) "a drag queen is a person, usually male, who uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often ...continue reading"

Mikovits vs Cowan

The Virus Debate

Dr Tom Cowan takes a critical look at the information that 'whistle-blower' Dr Judy Mikovits has presented to the public. ...continue reading

crisis actors

What is a crisis actor? A crisis actor is someone who is hired to portray a victim for media coverage regarding ...continue reading

aerosol spraying

Are we being poisoned in NB?

Ever heard of Atrazine? Ever heard of Glyphosate, or 'Round Up'? These two pesticides are of the ...continue reading


Glyphosate: the cost in lives

...correlation between glyphosate & the rising rates of patients suffering from 'mysterious' neurological illnesses, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, ...continue reading